Pool evaluations

For clients purchasing properties with pools, contact us for an inspection report and evaluation for peace of mind or for negotiation prior to settlement. Pools can be temporarily disguised to look right – don’t get caught out! Contact Satisfaction Pools now by phone, email, or through our online booking service.


Maintaining a swimming pool is about more than just turning on a filter and a vacuum. It’s a time consuming process involving the checking and adjustment of chemicals on a regular basis. We have swimming pool cleaning and maintenance programs available on a weekly, Biweekly or monthly basis. Our friendly, reliable and trustworthy team will maintain your pool to ensure the health of your pool is always at its optimum condition.

Equipment Service and Repair

We can advise on and complete repairs to all equipment or recommend replacements to suit your system and budget.
• Fault finding
• Leak Detection
• Pipework repair
• Repairs to pool pumps, filters, chlorinators and automatic cleaners

Equipment Installation

Professional equipment installation for all of your pool needs. We can select and install all of your pool equipment as well as offer an installation service for clients wishing to purchase their own equipment.
• Pool Pumps
• Filters
• Chlorinators
• Automatic Cleaners
• Electric Heat Pump & Gas Heaters
• Pool Blankets & Rollers
• Pipe work
• and much more…

Salt System Conversion

Are you interested in having a pool that provides smooth, silky, and gentle-on-the-body water for swimming?
The installation of a Salt Cell (a natural Chlorine generator), can provide this feeling for you! With this new addition to your pool equipment, pure Chlorine can automatically be generated from natural table salt. When the pure Chlorine is finished purifying your water, it naturally converts back into salt and the entire cycle is repeated. These systems are self-contained and can be integrated with your pool automation.

Complete renovations

When your existing swimming pool, needs more than some tender love and care, you need experienced design, construction, and technology experts to give it a total makeover. Allow KAD Pool Services professionals to give you more than you ever dreamed possible with a complete transformation and style makeover.
Give your old pool a facelift, which would make it as good as new! We can bring any old pool back to its original glory, by new interiors, refurbished decking and replacement of old, obsolete equipment with the latest technology.
Well designed swimming pool renovations can be very cost effective and will deliver a beautifully finished feature that your friends will think is a brand new swimming pool.